Care supplies

In order to concentrate on delivering great care, you need to know you have good quality, reliable kit and consumables at hand, as well as the right support.
Let us take some of the weight off of your shoulders by providing everything you need. Enabling you to spend more time where it matters most.

Pressure care

The right pressure care can make a world of difference to the comfort of your patients. Which is why we’ve got the latest products to expertly manage pressure ulcers, and importantly help you to work towards preventing them.

Disposable glove hand sizing guide

Disposable gloves that aren't the right fit are not only uncomfortable to the user, they can also be less effective in the situation you're using them for. To ensure you get the right fit, download our pdf hand sizing guide. To use your disposable glove Hand Sizing...
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How to reduce the amount of disposable gloves your care home wastes

Disposable gloves play an extremely important part in the day to day running of any care home. They are an essential part of PPE for housekeeping, care duties and much more. Although they are such an important of any care home operation, they are a product that is...
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How to correctly put on disposable gloves

The correct way to put on disposable gloves is not something that is always known within care homes and nursing environments. It is proven that the correct application of vinyl, latex and nitrile gloves could significantly reduce the wastage of gloves. This is due to...
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oiiocare shop

We know that taking care of
others doesn’t just take care of
itself, so we provide the
products, you provide the care.
Deliver great care where it
matters most with our range of


Perfect visibility can help you
decrease your costs, and
increase your efficiency. our
oiiocare shop makes it easier
to manage budgets, place orders
quickly and keep track
of your spending.


Your order will be delivered
by an expert member of our
team the day after you
place your order, if ordered
before 4pm. Our drivers
are renowned for providing
care where it matters most.


Providing care can be
demanding. Which is why our
team are here to support you,
whether you have a question
about an order, a product that
needs servicing, or staff that
need training.

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