The Gift of Sight Tour of the Lab

The Gift of Sight Tour of the Lab

Earlier this year (in July) we ran a campaign for the Southampton based charity Gift of Sight.
The Gift of Sight appeal funds world class and life-changing research into the prevention and treatment of blindness in adults and infants. The team carries out their research at Southampton General Hospital with the aim to help those that suffer from macular degeneration, nystagmus, inherited retinal disease, glaucoma and more.
To raise funds for the charity we pledged that we would donate £2 from every OSKA Series2-V2 pressure care mattress sold during the month.
Over the course of July, we managed to raise £128 for The Gift of Sight.
To say thank you, The Gift of Sight invited us to Southampton General Hospital on an extraordinary special tour around their high-tech labs where they would discuss how much every penny means to the charity. The scientists that are working on treatments showed and described to us their average day ranging from cutting eye tissue with an incredibly precise slicing machine to, growing artificial cells in extremely controlled environments. 
The Gift of Sight is a great cause and the tour proved just how much the donation could help change lives.
Well done to the team and a huge thank you to all of those who were involved, providing care where it matters most.
Find out more about the charity by visiting this link to The Gift of Sight page
Rapid Relief Team show support for The Sussex Snowdrop Trust

Rapid Relief Team show support for The Sussex Snowdrop Trust

Tom Carron, Local Team Leader for Rapid Relief Team in Bognor Regis, presents a cheque for £660 to Diana Levantine, Co-Founder and CEO of The Sussex Snowdrop Trust, on 18th August 2017. 

Tom and his team supported the Grand Finale event of Mick’s March on 14th July 2017.  Rapid Relied Team provided all the food, and donations received for the BBQ meals and drinks were given to The Sussex Snowdrop Trust to help them in their amazing work, providing care for terminally ill children in Sussex. 

Well done Tom!


Picture L-R:Sacha Napthine, Kieran Napthine, Tom Carron, Diana Levantine.
Picture: Nathan Page
Disposable glove hand sizing guide

Disposable glove hand sizing guide

Disposable gloves that aren’t the right fit are not only uncomfortable to the user, they can also be less effective in the situation you’re using them for.

To ensure you get the right fit, download our pdf hand sizing guide.

Gloves4u disposable gloves

To use your disposable glove Hand Sizing Guide

1. Pace the inner of your right thumb along the dotted line

2. On the right-hand side are the sizes of the gloves, look to what line the side of your hand is closest to.

3. Make note of your glove size and order your gloves

Disposable glove Hand sizing guide

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How to choose the right disposable gloves for your job

How to choose the right disposable gloves for your job

To help with the control and prevention of infections and harmful bacteria, it is essential the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) is used around the care home. The spread of spoilage organisms and pathogens can disrupt the flow of your home, make you non-compliant with CQC regulations and cause harm to patients and visitors.

Using the right disposable gloves can significantly impact the possibility of this happening in your home, but only if you get the right gloves for the right job.

So here is a guide to help you choose the right glove.


Latex disposable gloves are made out of natural rubber and usually chosen for comfort, fit and dexterity. They are more elastic than Nitrile disposable gloves and more puncture resistant than Vinyl.


  • Provide a high level of flexibility and comfort
  • Protection against chemicals, infections, and contamination
  • Available in powdered and powder free
  • Increased risk of allergies
  • Cost can fluctuate due to weather conditions


Vinyl disposable gloves are usually a cheaper alternative to Latex and Nitrile. They are the glove of choice for duties that do not require as much durability and high levels of protection. Best used when you need basic hand protection for carrying out low-risk tasks.


  • Reduced risk of allergic reactions as they are Latex free
  • Perfect for basic hand protection
  • Available in clear, powdered or powder free
  • Do not fit the hand as comfortably, unlike the Latex and Vinyl disposable gloves.


Nitrile disposable gloves are made from synthetic rubber which means they are more durable and offer better protection against punctures and chemicals. Although the glove is more expensive to purchase than the other gloves, it is worth the extra cost. Its performance is far more superior than the others and is a perfect fit for any work environment.


  • Reduced risk of allergic reactions as it is Latex free
  • Durable against punctures and chemicals
  • Good dexterity and sensitivity
  • Protects against petroleum based products
  • More expensive than Vinyl and Latex


Synthetic disposable gloves are hypoallergenic and durable. They are suitable for an extremely wide range of environments such as medical, laboratory and food handling.


  • Reduced risk of allergic reactions they are Latex free
  • Extremely comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time
  • Offers a soft touch, greater sensitivity and agility- more so than Vinyl and Nitrile
  • Better fit, but less chemical resistant than Nitrile

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How to reduce the amount of disposable gloves your care home wastes

How to reduce the amount of disposable gloves your care home wastes

Disposable gloves play an extremely important part in the day to day running of any care home. They are an essential part of PPE for housekeeping, care duties and much more. Although they are such an important of any care home operation, they are a product that is easy to waste. In recent years hospitals have come under scrutiny over the amount of money wasted on items such as disposable gloves.

To raise awareness on disposable glove wastage around the care home, we have compiled a list of the top offenders.

1. Dispensing:

Dispensing can sometimes prove difficult – especially with cheaper brands of disposable gloves. Sometimes when you remove a glove from a dispenser it can be attached to several other gloves.

When this happens it is common for the user to tuck or force the glove back into the box increasing the risk of contamination. In other cases, the glove may fall on the floor meaning it will need to be disposed of immediately.

2. Contamination:

By using a standard dispenser you run the risk of contaminating the glove before it is even put on. A standard glove box has a central dispensing hole which increases the likelihood of pulling out a glove from the most important parts. To reduce contaminating the gloves you should only make contact with the cuff.

3. Pocketing:

Putting gloves in your pocket can increase wastage resulting in increased costs. Keeping gloves in your pocket may aid in productivity, as you do not have to find gloves when you need them, but it can also increase the risk of contamination as your pockets are not a sterile environment.

4. Tearing:

There is no manufacturer out there that has managed to create a disposable glove that can’t be compromised. Glove tearing can be significantly reduced with awareness and education. Changing the way you don a glove can help prevent tearing of gloves, depending on the gloves that you purchase.

The correct way to don a glove can be demonstrated here.

The team at oiiocare are passionate about finding the right gloves for your home, helping you save money in the long run. Although the causes of wastage cannot be permanently stopped, they can be prevented and reduced.
The unique Gloves4u disposable gloves and their ‘FirstHand’ dispense system are the closest solution to help you save money and reduce waste.

Reduction in contamination

The dispensing system only allows the user to make contact with the cuff of the glove being used. This reduces the risk and spread of infection.

One at a time
Unlike other glove dispensing systems, Gloves4u gloves are laid flat in each dispenser box meaning the user can neatly remove one glove at a time.

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