The correct way to put on disposable gloves is not something that is always known within care homes and nursing environments. It is proven that the correct application of vinyl, latex and nitrile gloves could significantly reduce the wastage of gloves. This is due to the fact that the incorrect application can easily lead to damaged or contaminated gloves.

Gloves4U disposable gloves already reduce the risk of contamination using their FirstHand dispensing system but, the quality of the glove is much more durable than other manufacturers. Meaning your care, nursing and housekeeping staff do not suffer the traditional frustrations of using disposable gloves.

Step 1

Remove the glove by the cuff from the glove box using the Gloves4U FirstHand dispensing system

Step 2

Hold the wrist end of the disposable glove (to reduce contaminating the glove), open using your thumb and four fingers

Step 3

Ease your fingers into the glove then palm and thumb of the other hand inside the glove

Step 4

Gently pull the wrist end of the glove with your thumb and fingers while easing the hand fully into the glove

Step 5

Pull the glove to a comfortable fit

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IMPORTANT INFO: Donning a glove incorrectly can often cause gloves to rip and puncture, this is generally not due to a faulty glove.

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