Disposable gloves play an extremely important part in the day to day running of any care home. They are an essential part of PPE for housekeeping, care duties and much more. Although they are such an important of any care home operation, they are a product that is easy to waste. In recent years hospitals have come under scrutiny over the amount of money wasted on items such as disposable gloves.

To raise awareness on disposable glove wastage around the care home, we have compiled a list of the top offenders.

1. Dispensing:

Dispensing can sometimes prove difficult – especially with cheaper brands of disposable gloves. Sometimes when you remove a glove from a dispenser it can be attached to several other gloves.

When this happens it is common for the user to tuck or force the glove back into the box increasing the risk of contamination. In other cases, the glove may fall on the floor meaning it will need to be disposed of immediately.

2. Contamination:

By using a standard dispenser you run the risk of contaminating the glove before it is even put on. A standard glove box has a central dispensing hole which increases the likelihood of pulling out a glove from the most important parts. To reduce contaminating the gloves you should only make contact with the cuff.

3. Pocketing:

Putting gloves in your pocket can increase wastage resulting in increased costs. Keeping gloves in your pocket may aid in productivity, as you do not have to find gloves when you need them, but it can also increase the risk of contamination as your pockets are not a sterile environment.

4. Tearing:

There is no manufacturer out there that has managed to create a disposable glove that can’t be compromised. Glove tearing can be significantly reduced with awareness and education. Changing the way you don a glove can help prevent tearing of gloves, depending on the gloves that you purchase.

The correct way to don a glove can be demonstrated here.

The team at oiiocare are passionate about finding the right gloves for your home, helping you save money in the long run. Although the causes of wastage cannot be permanently stopped, they can be prevented and reduced.
The unique Gloves4u disposable gloves and their ‘FirstHand’ dispense system are the closest solution to help you save money and reduce waste.

Reduction in contamination

The dispensing system only allows the user to make contact with the cuff of the glove being used. This reduces the risk and spread of infection.

One at a time
Unlike other glove dispensing systems, Gloves4u gloves are laid flat in each dispenser box meaning the user can neatly remove one glove at a time.

Gloves4U gloves

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